Enjoy watching the squirrels in your garden picnic in peace with their very own picnic bench! It’s a great introductory woodwork project and also can be made using old lumber, so the cost can be kept to a minimum. Here’s a list of tools, hardware and cut list you’ll need for the project:


Tools Hardware Cut List


Mitre box

Drill with range of drill bits



Nails – depends on what wood you’re using, take a look at our nail guide here

Countersunk woodscrews

Wood glue

Top slats x 3 (254mm x 64mm x 19mm)

Seats x 2 (254mm x 64mm x 19mm)

Legs x 4 (152mm x 64mm x 19mm)

Braces x 2 (330mm x 26mm x 19mm)


Step 1.

Wear appropriate safety gear for your woodworking project.

Step 2.

Cut a 30 degree parallel mitre on each of your four legs.

Step 3.

Add the braces by putting two legs together at their points and then attach a brace approx. 2cm up from the bottom, ensuring it’s centred.

Repeat for the other side.

Step 4.

The seats sit  on the extended braces. Fix with wood glue and nails, centred.

Step 5.

The table top is in 3 parts, so attach the middle part first, then the other two sides. Secure with nails.

Step 6.

Using sandpaper, sand off any rough edges.

Step 7.

Attach to a tree or fence post using the countersunk woodscrews – place the screw through the two back legs.


With thanks to Charleston Crafted for their inspiration.