1. December 22, 2023

    A guide to saw type

    When carrying out woodworking or various DIY tasks, a saw is an essential bit of kit. Here are the basic range of saws you’ll come across for DIY and woodworking jobs.

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  2. December 12, 2023

    10 Gifts Ideal for DIYers

    We all know that one person who always seems to have a paintbrush or screwdriver in their hand. Whether they’re an upcycler, amateur interior decorator or DIY enthusiast, we’ve got a Christmas gift that’ll suit them.  Take a look at these top 10 ideal gifts for DIYers.

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  3. December 11, 2023

    What a basic home toolkit should contain

    A good toolkit is something every home should have, so that you always have the tools to hand when a DIY job comes up in the house. Here’s an A-Z guide of the basic tools you should include and what they’re used for.

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  4. September 06, 2023

    A guide to drill bits

    When working with wood or metal, there are often times that you’ll need to drill holes with complete accuracy.  Drill bits offer a solution, which can be fitted to a stationary pillar drill or a power drill. Here’s a guide to the different drill bits available and which to use for different jobs.

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  5. June 07, 2023

    Which Sandpaper Should You Use For Your Job?

    Sandpaper is an essential tool in any construction or DIY project. It works to either remove material, smooth or sometimes rough up surfaces. It’s definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’, there are different grits more suitable for different jobs. Here’s a guide.

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  6. March 13, 2023

    A guide to chisels

    A set of decent chisels is likely to become any woodworker’s best friends. They need to be sharp and sturdy, and having a range of sizes and styles will ensure you’re using the correct tool for the job.

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  7. December 11, 2022

    What's in your drill bit case?

    If you’ve got a power drill, then you probably have a set of accompanying drill bits of various size and shape. When it comes to carrying out a DIY task, it’s not always clear which bit to use - each drill bit is designed for different materials. Here’s a basic guide to understand which to use for each job.

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  8. July 09, 2022

    A guide to bricklaying tools

    Bricklaying is an essential skill for a practiced DIYer, and something that when done correctly, can bring a lot of satisfaction. It’s important to get the mortar mix correct, to choose the right bricks or slabs and to perfect your bricklaying technique. It’s also important to use the correct tools. Here is a guide to bricklaying tools to get the job done perfectly.

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  9. May 26, 2022

    A guide to screwdrivers

    Hand screwdrivers are essential in any toolkit, ideal for when you want precision, have an awkward angle, or need to take it slowly. Screwdrivers vary according to the type of screw that they are designed to drive, and it’s important to use the right screwdriver for the screw to avoid damaging the screw or the screw head. Here’s a complete guide to screwdrivers.

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  10. May 01, 2022

    A guide to hammers

    A hammer is a particularly versatile tool that works to drive in and remove nails and can be used as a wrecking tool. However different hammers have been designed for specific jobs. This guide takes you through a variety of hammers available and their purpose.

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