1. December 28, 2021

    Create your own wooden birdhouse

    Birdhouses are great as an easy woodwork project, plus they look nice in your garden and the local wildlife will be grateful too!

    This project uses minimal tools so is simple to make. The trick with birdhouses is ensuring it’s built to the right size and dimensions for the birds you’re looking to attract, and yet built safe from predators. This can be done by ensuring it’s strong and secure, with a hole small enough for birds only. 

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  2. December 21, 2021

    Plastering for beginners

    This is one for DIY enthusiasts who need a guide to mixing and applying plaster to a wall. The art is in getting the mix right, and keeping a sharp eye on its wetness/tackiness so you’re applying the right pressure and wetness consistency at the right time. Here’s a guide.

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  3. December 17, 2021

    10 Christmas Stocking Gifts under £15 for DIYers

    If you’ve got a DIY enthusiast in your house, there may be nothing they’d like more than some extra tools, hardware or workwear to help them achieve their project goals. We’ve collected up some of our favourite, which are perfect to add to a stocking!

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  4. October 27, 2021

    Project: Wooden Kitchen Crockery Rack

    Open shelves are a contemporary solution for holding dishes, cups and anything else you would like on display in the kitchen. When you make it bespoke to your space, you can add any additional storage or features you like, and paint it in keeping with the rest of the kitchen’s décor. Here’s a guide towards making your own.

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  5. October 27, 2021

    A guide to plumbing hand tools and fittings

    Every home, new or old has a plumbing system that will require some level of maintenance. More often than not you’ll need the skills of a plumber to maintain your plumbing system, but for some jobs it can be down to having the right tool in the toolbox.

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  6. October 27, 2021

    Project: How to make a squirrel picnic bench

    Enjoy watching the squirrels in your garden picnic in peace with their very own picnic bench! It’s a great introductory woodwork project and also can be made using old lumber, so the cost can be kept to a minimum. Here’s a lost of tools, hardware and cut list you’ll need for the project.

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  7. August 31, 2021

    A guide to Door Furniture

    There is some basic ironmongery that adorns a door, making it functional. But the choices of ‘door furniture’ can seem endless, with many variants of handles, hinges, catches, closers and more. Here’s a basic guide to door furniture.

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  8. August 23, 2021

    Curtain fittings

    Any interior designer will tell you, there’s a huge variety of curtain fittings available on the market, each offering a different solution to your soft furnishing requirements. Whilst we can’t help you pick the right curtain fabrics or styles, we can certainly provide some guidance on fixings. We have over 180 different hooks, rings, brackets, tracks, rods and more for all your curtain fit

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  9. August 17, 2021

    Greenhouse maintenance

    When the summer growing season ends and harvesting is nearly all done, it’s time to turn your attention to your greenhouse to prepare it for the winter. September is a great time to carry this maintenance out whilst the weather is still pleasant enough to work outside and you have time to fix any bigger problems you may find.

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  10. August 17, 2021

    Using drywall foams

    Drywall foam is used to fill and seal awkward gaps, hollows, and cavities. It shoots liquid foam deep into cavities, creating a long-lasting seal, which insulates against heat, sound, and moisture. Here's a step-by-step guide on using drywall foam.

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