1. January 02, 2023

    The Trade's Secrets: Top 5 Decorating Tips

    Ever wondered how decorators make painting a house look so easy? Professional painter and decorator Gerard shares his top 5 tips to any DIYer embarking on a decorating project..

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  2. December 14, 2022

    10 Gifts Ideal for DIYers

    We all know that one person who always seems to have a paintbrush or screwdriver in their hand. Whether they’re an upcycler, amateur interior decorator or DIY enthusiast, we’ve got a Christmas gift that’ll suit them.  Take a look at these top 10 ideal gifts for DIYers.

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  3. December 11, 2022

    What's in your drill bit case?

    If you’ve got a power drill, then you probably have a set of accompanying drill bits of various size and shape. When it comes to carrying out a DIY task, it’s not always clear which bit to use - each drill bit is designed for different materials. Here’s a basic guide to understand which to use for each job.

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  4. November 28, 2022

    A guide to hinges

    There is a multitude of hinge types that can be used for doors, windows, cabinets, boxes and generally anything that you need movement in. The choice of hinge is dependent on the weight of the pieces, the durability required, and the security needed. Here is a guide to some of the different hinge types available.

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  5. November 08, 2022

    A guide to common pipe fittings

    When it comes to plumbing DIY, it doesn’t have to feel like a different language. There are some commonly used pipes, connectors and valves that will fit in a regular domestic plumbing system, it’s just a matter of identifying them. Here’s a breakdown of common pipe connectors and joints.

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  6. October 10, 2022

    A guide to light bulb caps and bases

    When it comes to light bulb choice, and the matching lamp or fixtures socket, there are a number of different base type and sizes to choose from. Here are some of the caps and bases your are most likely to encounter.

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  7. October 02, 2022

    A guide to cleaning and fixing your guttering

    As the Autumn weather draws in it’s a good idea to check your guttering is in working order - if it isn’t, water could overflow and saturate the roof or wall and floor below which can develop into serious problems. Here are some top tips to checking and repairing your guttering.

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  8. September 19, 2022

    Ten Household Jobs to Do This Autumn

    Autumn is a great time to get a few odd jobs done in the home. Whether it’s household repairs, cleaning or tidying up the garden, the milder weather means that we can comfortably get on with those tasks that will help our home ease the transition into winter. We’ve put together a list of household tasks that you can get started on this autumn, giving you more time to enjoy your home over the winter.

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  9. August 15, 2022

    How to fit a mortice lock

    A mortice lock is a common door fitting, where a spring-loaded catch or bolt, with a flat face and curved edge, engages in a recess in the door frame. As the door is pushed shut the curved face hits the striking plate on the door frame and pushes the bolt back into the latch body. When the door is fully closed the bolt springs out into the recess in the stroking plate with its flat face providing a positive latching action. Here are some instructions on how to fit a mortice latch to a door.

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  10. July 18, 2022

    Create your own wooden birdhouse

    Birdhouses are great as an easy woodwork project, plus they look nice in your garden and the local wildlife will be grateful too! This project uses minimal tools so is simple to make.

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