1. February 17, 2021

    How to use a chalk line

    A chalk line is a quick and accurate way to mark a guideline without using a pencil and straight edge. When you no longer need the guide, you can simply rub the chalk away. It’s used when you want to draw an exceptionally long line between two points, or when working on a space that is difficult to visually see.

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  2. February 17, 2021

    A guide to adhesives and sealants

    Many projects require some kind of adhesive or sealant, and it is important to use one most appropriate for any particular task. Many types are available, some can even act as both an adhesive and sealant. Here’s a guide to common adhesives and sealants.

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  3. December 14, 2020

    A guide to hinges

    There is a multitude of hinge types that can be used for doors, windows, cabinets, boxes and generally anything that you need movement in. The choice of hinge is dependent on the weight of the pieces, the durability required, and the security needed. Here is a guide to some of the different hinge types available.

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  4. December 14, 2020

    A guide to common pipe fittings

    When it comes to plumbing DIY, it doesn’t have to feel like a different language. There are some commonly used pipes, connectors and valves that will fit in a regular domestic plumbing system, it’s just a matter of identifying them. Here’s a breakdown of common pipe connectors and joints.

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  5. October 29, 2020

    A Guide to Pest Control

    Animals and insects can cause damage, disruption and disaster in a property. From simple flying insect infestations through to foxes rampaging in your rubbish, if you don’t deal with the issue head on you could be left with a real problem. Here are some simple solutions to controlling pests…

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  6. September 28, 2020

    The Trade’s Secrets: Top 6 Plumbing & Heating DIY Tips

    6 plumbing & heating DIY tips from heating engineer including how to get a consistently warm shower and how to manage your sealants. 

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  7. September 23, 2020

    Ten Household Jobs to Do This Autumn

    Autumn is a great time to get a few odd jobs done in the home. Whether it’s household repairs, cleaning or tidying up the garden, the milder weather means that we can comfortably get on with those tasks that will help our home ease the transition into winter. We’ve put together a list of household tasks that you can get started on this autumn, giving you more time to enjoy your home over the winter.

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  8. September 07, 2020

    What's in your drill bit case?

    If you’ve got a power drill, then you probably have a set of accompanying drill bits of various size and shape. When it comes to carrying out a DIY task, it’s not always clear which bit to use - each drill bit is designed for different materials. Here’s a basic guide to understand which to use for each job.

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  9. July 16, 2020

    A guide to bricklaying tools

    Bricklaying is an essential skill for a practiced DIYer, and something that when done correctly, can bring a lot of satisfaction. It’s important to get the mortar mix correct, to choose the right bricks or slabs and to perfect your bricklaying technique. It’s also important to use the correct tools. Here is a guide to bricklaying tools to get the job done perfectly.

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  10. June 25, 2020

    The Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide

    Renovating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a lift. Not only will a new bathroom increase the value of your property, but it also gives you the chance to increase storage space and fix any existing problems such as leaks and mould. So what can you do to make the whole thing as painless as possible? Read on for some top tips!

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