1. April 12, 2024

    A guide to Door Furniture

    There is some basic ironmongery that adorns a door, making it functional. But the choices of ‘door furniture’ can seem endless, with many variants of handles, hinges, catches, closers and more. Here’s a basic guide to door furniture.

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  2. April 01, 2024

    Essential Tools for laying a Patio

    Professional builder Jack has lots of experience in laying patios. Here, he shares his essential tools for the job, as well as a top tip to all DIYers embarking on a patio project.

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  3. March 25, 2024

    Which Nail to use for your DIY project?

    There are a huge amount of nail types, so it’s understandably difficult to always know which one is right for each job. We’ve created a guide to understanding which hammer-driven nail to use for which project.

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  4. March 11, 2024

    How to use a chalk line

    A chalk line is a quick and accurate way to mark a guideline without using a pencil and straight edge. When you no longer need the guide, you can simply rub the chalk away. It’s used when you want to draw an exceptionally long line between two points, or when working on a space that is difficult to visually see.

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  5. February 29, 2024

    How to Paint a Garage Door

    Whilst painting the garage typically ranks low in terms of people’s priority DIY tasks, the garage is often the first area of the home to greet us. Refreshing your garage with a fresh coat of paint creates a stunning, uniform look sure to stop people in their tracks for all the right reasons. Harris Paint Brushes explains hot to paint a garage door in this step-by-step guide.

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  6. February 28, 2024

    Top Ten Most Popular Uses Of WD-40 Multi-Use Product

    WD-40 spray is the ultimate lubricant. It's suitable for all things mechanical as well as gardening tools and equipment, battery terminals, spark plugs, bike frames, door locks and hinges, power tools, engines, alloys, exhausts and more. According to WD-40, here are the top ten most popular uses.

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  7. February 19, 2024

    Upcycling a unit – top tips and tools for decoupage

    This is the first in a series of ideas for how to upcycle a furniture unit, this blog focuses on decoupage. Decoupage, from the French word ‘decouper’, meaning to cut from something else. Decoupage often uses a selection of paper, perhaps magazine cut outs or trimmings from wrapping paper but it doesn’t have to be wacky, it can be quite subtle or simple.

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  8. January 21, 2024

    A Guide to Pest Control

    Animals and insects can cause damage, disruption and disaster in a property. From simple flying insect infestations through to foxes rampaging in your rubbish, if you don’t deal with the issue head on you could be left with a real problem. Here are some simple solutions to controlling pests…

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  9. January 18, 2024

    How to keep the heat in your home

    In winter cold air and moisture tends to always find a way to penetrate your home. A solution is to closely examine your doors and windows for any gaps, and either frame sealants or foam fillers to remedy the problem - keeping damp and cold air out and warm air in.

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  10. January 14, 2024

    Upcycling– painting

    Our upcycling blog series looks at different methods of converting old furniture back into beautiful, useful pieces for your home. This post focuses on painting. Painting a unit may seem like a simple enough task but the choice of both brush and paint type will really effect the end result. It’s also important to prep the wood first and use a primer if you’re looking for a consistent colour. Here are the basic steps.

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