1. January 14, 2024

    Upcycling– painting

    Our upcycling blog series looks at different methods of converting old furniture back into beautiful, useful pieces for your home. This post focuses on painting. Painting a unit may seem like a simple enough task but the choice of both brush and paint type will really effect the end result. It’s also important to prep the wood first and use a primer if you’re looking for a consistent colour. Here are the basic steps.

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  2. December 11, 2023

    What a basic home toolkit should contain

    A good toolkit is something every home should have, so that you always have the tools to hand when a DIY job comes up in the house. Here’s an A-Z guide of the basic tools you should include and what they’re used for.

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  3. November 01, 2023

    Seven tips to prepare your home for the winter

    With the dark nights closing in and temperatures outside plummeting, it’s time to carry out some DIY on your house, so that it’s in top condition for the coming winter months. We’ve given you seven top tips so that you’re cosy, safe and prepared for anything unexpected.

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  4. October 02, 2023

    8 niggling DIY problems solved to spruce up your home

    Create a stress-free life by fixing all those niggling DIY problems in your home. We’ve got the solution to your squeaky doors, jamming drawers and lack of storage…

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  5. September 03, 2023

    Plastering for beginners

    This is one for DIY enthusiasts who need a guide to mixing and applying plaster to a wall. The art is in getting the mix right, and keeping a sharp eye on its wetness/tackiness so you’re applying the right pressure and wetness consistency at the right time. Here’s a guide.

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  6. June 01, 2023

    Create your own wooden birdhouse

    Birdhouses are great as an easy woodwork project, plus they look nice in your garden and the local wildlife will be grateful too! This project uses minimal tools so is simple to make.

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  7. May 05, 2023

    DIY Pallet Shelves

    Transform an old pallet into a rustic set of shelves. This fixture is perfect for the kitchen or study, offering a stylish and practical storage solution for your favourite mugs, plants and frames.

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  8. April 02, 2023

    Curtain fittings

    Any interior designer will tell you, there’s a huge variety of curtain fittings available on the market, each offering a different solution to your soft furnishing requirements. Whilst we can’t help you pick the right curtain fabrics or styles, we can certainly provide some guidance on fixings. We have over 180 different hooks, rings, brackets, tracks, rods and more for all your curtain fit

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  9. February 28, 2023

    How to Make a Wooden Planter

    This three-tier wooden planter is perfect for growing plants in small spaces. If you use pressure-treated timber, it can be stained in any colour and won't rot. To create this great planter, follow these steps.

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  10. February 02, 2023

    Seven steps to a fantastic outdoor space

    It could not be a better time to carry out some outdoor DIY and get your outdoor space looking spectacular. For those lucky enough to have some outdoor space, here are seven steps to take and the tools you will need to get the job done right.

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