Create a stress-free life by fixing all those niggling DIY problems in your home. We’ve got the solution to your squeaky doors, jamming drawers and lack of storage…


  1. Stiff, wobbly or wonky cupboard doors can add little stresses to your every day, when in fact they’re easy to fix. If you already have a working hinge on the door you can loosen or tighten the screws to lift or drop the door and make it fit the cupboard better. If the original hole was damaged use some Bartoline flexi-filler to help secure the screw. If the hinge is broken, we have a range of replacement cabinet hinges in different styles to fit your fittings.


  1. Excessive sound can be a home irritation that seems unfixable, but a simple solution could be to add an excluder strip to doors and windows. It is self-adhesive and easy to apply. It also reduces any draughts, dust or water leaks.


  1. Wobbly furniture? That flat pack you’ve put together a few years ago may seem a little more unstable after house moves or rearrangements, but they can be stabilised easily by using knock down fittings or modesty blocks. They work by joining pieces of wood/chipboard together to strengthen the joints.


  1. Does your shower inconsistently run between hot and cold or the flow seems weak? There may be a simple fix – a new shower head. If your current shower head is clogged up with limescale or has a poorly designed spray plate it may not allow enough water to flow through it for the electric shower to work properly. An electric shower can’t always cope with a small amount of water flow so it ends up overheating, then switching off, making your water hot then cold, hot then cold. Invest in a decent shower head and you may find this problem magically disappears!


  1. When a wardrobe is too tightly packed it can put pressure on the rod sockets and once these break you’re left with a mess and a headache. Using some stronger rail rod sockets, either when you first assemble the wardrobe in place of any plastic ones provided, or to replace any broken ones, will solve the problem. If the rail seems too weak then add a central support bracket or use a metal rail. Adding rail hooks will offer you even more storage space.


  1. Lack of storage getting you down? A really simple solution for metal-based items such as kitchen utensils or tools a magnetic tools holder strip It can be stuck to any surface to make the most of dead wall space and to give you easier access to the items you need. Hooks are also a great idea for inside cupboard storage. 


  1. A broken drawer can seem like your furniture is holding your clothes hostage. Replacing drawer slides can mean that suddenly your drawers roll in and out like a dream, you may even be inspired to follow a KonMari method of folding!


  1. If you are looking for peace and serenity in your home, then a squeaky door or cupboard can be your nemesis. WD-40 applied to hooks and hinges will penetrate any tight parts and lubricate, allowing them to operate smoothly and squeak-free. It also comes with a handy smart straw so you can apply directly to the problem with minimal mess.