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While the current lockdown has started to be eased a little, it’s still important to stay at home as much as we can in order to keep each other safe. There’s no denying that the boredom has well and truly set in over the last month or so, so keeping ourselves busy is key. Particularly, if you’re a keen DIY fanatic, now could be the time to get started on a brand new project or perhaps a little home decorating. If your budget doesn’t quite allow for a whole new home makeover, you can still make use of all this spare time by carrying out a few odd jobs. You know the ones - the “when I’ve got a minute” jobs that - let’s face it - we often have more than a minute to do, but we just end up avoiding them anyway because there’s better things to be doing on our precious days off. So, dust off the toolbox and get cracking - here’s our list of odd jobs you can tackle while you have some extra time. 


Put Up Shelves/Pictures

Whether you’ve moved into a new property pre-lockdown or you’ve just been meaning to add some extra storage or decoration to your home, putting up pictures, shelves and cabinets can often be one of those DIY jobs that’s left until last. Use this extra time to hang up any frames you’ve been meaning to display and to put up any shelves or storage bits that have been left on the back burner. We’ve got plenty of screws, nails and fixings for whatever you’re working on, and at the moment you can save 15% on this range!


Re-Seal Your Bathroom

If the sealant in your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, now is a great time to replace it. Replacing the sealant will instantly get your bathroom looking cleaner and fresher and will also protect from leaks which can lead to mould. Opt for a quality branded product too, such as Everbuild, Siroflex and Bartoline which not only will give you a nice, professional finish, but it also contains fungicide which will help prevent fungus from building up. 


Defrost Your Freezer

While most modern fridge freezers are now frost free, if you have an older appliance this is one task that can be carried out at a time like this. Defrosting your freezer will not only free up space taken up by large clumps of ice, but it can actually make it a bit cheaper to run. Build up of ice will act as an insulator, despite the fact that it’s already cold, meaning that your freezer will need to work harder to keep your food cold, costing you more electricity in the long term. While it’s not exactly a quick and simple task, it’s certainly worth doing. If you need some tips on how to do it safely and effectively, check out this handy guide to defrosting your freezer


Tidy Up Your Garden

We’ve been lucky enough to have some nice weather over the last few weeks, so now is as good a time as any to grab your garden tools and give your outdoor space a bit of a spruce. Remove and take care of any weeds, give your patio a good going over with the pressure washer, cut the grass, and perhaps even give your shed or your greenhouse a clear out too. For more ways to brighten up your garden for the summer, check out our seven steps to a fantastic outdoor space



Another job that sees you getting your home prepared for the cooler months is by draught-proofing any areas in your home that need it. Not only will this ensure that your home is kept toasty warm when the colder weather sets in, but it can even save you a few quid on your heating bills in the long run too. 


Fill in the Cracks

Cracks that form in the internal walls of your home can be a pain and look unsightly, but they’re still fairly easy to fix. This can also be said for holes that have been left by nails and plugs in the walls, so getting them filled is a simple task that will get your walls looking much better. All you’ll need is a good quality filler, some sandpaper and some protective sheets for your floor. And don’t forget the paint for afterwards!


Check Your Alarms & Security

It’s another job we often forget to do, but it’s such an important one. Make a point of testing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that everything is all up to scratch, and replace your batteries if needs be. When it comes to security, it can also be a good idea to check your locks on doors and windows too so that you can carry out any maintenance or upgrades if you need to. If any locks, latches or bolts need replacing, our security range has everything you need to keep your home nice and secure. 


Clean the Forgotten Areas

There’s areas of the house we always know to go over when it comes to our usual household chores, but what about the areas that often get neglected? You know the ones - behind the appliances, the radiators, the oven and so on. Make a point of giving your home a real deep clean and tackling the areas that are usually left behind. We have a great range of cleaning products that can help you out, giving you everything you need to get your home looking spick and span. 


Bleed Your Radiators

It’s one job that’s often forgotten about during the summer, but bleeding your radiators now is a good way to start preparing your home for the chillier months. You can sometimes find that when your radiators haven’t been used for a period of time, they may not heat up as well as they should, and more often than not this can be as a result of trapped air in the system. Bleeding your radiators will release this trapped air and will get them working smoothly in time for when we’ll start needing to put the heating on a bit more often. 


Pest Control

The arrival of the summer can often mean the arrival of a few unwanted guests, so be sure to spend some time on pest control. It’s not the most glamorous of tasks of course, but in addition to protecting your plants and property, it will protect you and your family by keeping things hygienic. We have plenty of pest control devices and products that will help you get any creepy crawlies or critters under control, including humane mouse traps, insect repellent and more. 


Now that we seem to have more free time on our hands, we think now is the perfect time to tick off those odd jobs that have been on our to-do lists for so long. After all, we’re spending more time at home, why shouldn’t we make it more pleasant? Not to mention, think of how good it’ll feel when they’re all done - it’ll make sitting and doing nothing all the more enjoyable! Once you’ve ticked these off your list, kick back with a cup of tea and relax - you’ve earned it!