It could not be a better time to carry out some outdoor DIY and get your outdoor space looking spectacular. For those lucky enough to have some outdoor space, here are seven steps to take and the tools you will need to get the job done right.


  1. Prune

Whether your garden resembles a jungle, or it is just longing for a haircut, a prune will help shape, neaten, and frame your space. As it is spring and everything is growing, be careful not to take too much off those shrubs that you want to bloom, but for green hedges and bushes, shaping these will help make your outdoor space look loved. Lopping Shears are great for taking out dead branches and shaping trees, a Pruning Saw is good for live shrubs and Hedge Shears will work for evergreens, small bushes and even lawns. A great tip is to lay a Tarpaulin below the cutting area to easily gather any cuttings.

  1. Mow and strim the grass

Cutting the grass is the basics of getting a green space to look good, so if your lawnmower isn’t performing at its best, now is the time to replace the mower blade which could be blunt from last year. But if you want your lawn to look perfect, then a strimmer is in order, with a fresh new spool. It will give you straight edges and defined borders and make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.

  1. Dig borders and planting areas

Now is the perfect time to be planting seeds and repotting plants. Dig out weeds and old roots, add new topsoil and even mix in some manure. Garden spades loosen up the ground and break up lumps in the soil. They are also good for removing soil and weed layers and transferring to a wheelbarrow. Garden forks penetrate problem soils and are great for loosening up weeds without chopping roots of cultivated plants. Hand gardening tools are used for potting plants and shaping rockeries and borders. For weeding try Daisy Grubbers which are effective at pulling out deep roots without disturbing the surrounding soil.

  1. Fit an outdoor tap

By having access to water outside you can more easily water plants, attach hoses, washer jets and sprinklers. They’re also useful when filling up paddling pools too! Our garden tap kit comes with all the fixings, tape, pipe and hardware needed to install your tap.

  1. Clean your patio / stones / decking

Decking and patio slabs need care and attention just as much as lawns and shrubs. Sprays and cleaners will remove the moss, algae, and mould as well as cleaning grease and grime. Decking in particular needs to be well maintained so it doesn’t become slippery or rot.

  1. Paint your fences

Timber treatments not only help improve the look of fences and sheds, they protect them from the elements during harsher seasons. We stock Bartoline Creocote in Dark Brown and Light Brown, which improves grain definition and protects against groundwater saturation. Its oil-based properties provide excellent surface water repellence. Treat yourself to a proper Woodwork shed and Fence Flat brush for the perfect finish.

  1. Guide and secure your growing plants

Your seedlings may look small now, but a few weeks of sun and rain will see everything shoot up and get out of control quickly. For fence coverage, use Galvanised Wire and Vine Eyes to create a mesh for climbers. For plants such as beans, peas, tomatoes and raspberries, use canes and Cane Grips/Caps to create them an independent growing space. When stems are long enough, secure them to the canes with Ties or Clips.


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