There are a number of different woodcare products on the market, and all have a slightly different purpose and result. When choosing how to preserve your wood products, you need to consider the current condition of the wood, where it will live, and what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s a guide to wood preservation.


The first question should be, does your wood need any kind of treatment? For instance, it may have woodworm, or it may need to be protected from future external factors such as water, fungus, or UV rays.

You’ll know if the wood has woodworm as it’ll have little holes all over it, (known as exit holes). There could also be dust left over from when the beetle has emerged from the hole. It’s easy to treat woodworm. Use a treatment such as Everbuild Lumberjack Clear Woodworm Killer, which has an insecticide to kill all types of wood boring insects and their larvae. An alternative could be Everbuild SikaGard Universal 5 Star Wood Treatment, which is an all-in-one solvent-free treatment for wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood boring insects.

Everbuild SikaGard Clear Wood Preserver is a great option to protect against damage caused by wet rot, dry rot, decay and fungi.

Another treatment that may be needed is for knots. Knots are filled with sap, so if they are not treated prior to any painting or varnish, the sap will seep through. Using a knotting sealant will easily rectify this.



Oils can also be applied as a treatment to wood, but often they are also used to add colour, to soften wood and to give a finish to wood.

There are a number of different types of oil available. Here are some:

  • Linseed oil is famously used on cricket bats. It takes a long time to soak in and to dry out. When applied, allow the oil to soak into the surface, then wipe any excess oil, and then buff. You may want to slightly sand the wood first for extra penetration, and you may want to apply a few coats. Linseed oil is great for interior woods. Linseed oil can be boiled or raw. The difference is boiled linseed oil is faster to dry, but some prefer the raw as in its purest form it has the most nutritional value for the wood.
  • Teak oil is great to replace the natural sheen of wood lost through ageing. It can protect wood from drying and beautifies the grain. It’s also great for protection against UV rays, and water. If you apply teak oil, then gently sand, reapply, then buff, you can get an excellent silky-smooth result.
  • Tung oil is also known as China wood oil, and as with most other oils dries with exposure to air. It’s a plastic like, clear coating that is used away from wood finishing in printing inks and oil paints. When used on guitars, tung oil leaves a wet wood look, that has a slightly golden tint.
  • Hard Wax Oil is considered as a compromise between traditional oils and a tougher protective coating against liquid spillages. Hard wax oil can be used on hardwood floors and kitchen worktops.


Stains / Finishes

Often wood has been cut and treated, for instance fences, sheds, decking, and garden furniture. At this stage, what you’re looking to apply is a coating to add longevity, and perhaps also to add styling. One option could be Creocote oil. Creocote is ideal for outdoor timbers as it offers water repellence, including groundwater saturation, and other weather damage. It also improves grain definition and adds colour to your timber.  Creocote is a more environmentally friendly alternative to creosote which is known for being harmful to aquatic life and shouldn’t ever get in the water system. Another alternative to creosote, is a treatment designed specifically for outdoor wood treatment, such as Everbuild’s Shed and Fence treatment. The treatment is UV resistant, water repelling and has longevity in mind; it’s designed to last 6 times longer than creosote. What’s more, it’s harmless to the environment and comes in lots of different colours.

Wood stains are available for smoother exterior wood, such as window frames, architectural timbers, conservatories, cladding etc. It works to enhance the natural qualities of the wood whilst still providing protection from the elements. It also comes in a range of colours.

Take a look at our entire woodcare range to see what could work best for you.