Animals and insects can cause damage, disruption and disaster in a property. From simple flying insect infestations through to foxes rampaging in your rubbish, if you don’t deal with the issue head on you could be left with a real problem. Here are some simple solutions to controlling pests…



Flies seem to get everywhere, and when you finally think you’ve got rid of them, more arrive. Anywhere that has the right temperature and a food source, they can infest. They pose no structural problems but they do pose a general health risk, and en masse can potentially stain decorated surfaces. We sell plenty of fly killing solutions, such as fly papers, fly spray, fly stickers and even fly swatters.


Crawling insects

There are a whole host of crawling insects that can cause problems for properties. Ants, cockroaches, woodlice, even earwigs, when they infest they cause chaos. Ants, earwigs and cockroaches are attracted to food debris, woodlice feed on damp wood. If the problem is serious, you may need to call a professional, but it may be a problem easily solved with a crawling insect spray. The spray also works on fleas. Electronic pest repellers can also work on ants and cockroaches.



Rats and mice are disease carriers and should be kept well away from the home. In the summer they tend to live outside, and when the weather turns colder they try to get indoors. Rats and mice chew all manner of items, including wires, woodwork, plastic, and even metal pipes; damage to all of these can cause serious problems. To avoid attracting them to your home make sure dustbins are covered and there’s no food left out, even bread for birds can eventually attract mice. We have a huge range of traps for rodents, from electronic pest repellers to traps designed so the animal can be released. We also have traps with metal snap bars for an instant kill, or poisoned bait solutions.



Pigeons are actually one of the most unhygienic and messy pests that we can experience on our properties. It is said that they carry more diseases than rats and their nests attract mites. The way to rid yourself of these vermin is to make roosting areas inhospitable. Pigeons roost in spring so towards the end of winter install spikes on guttering, window ledges and anywhere else that they tend to build their nests. These bird spikes are good deterrents for all larger birds including seagulls.



Foxes are traditionally considered a countryside pest, but they are increasingly becoming a problem in urban areas where they’re getting more and more confident with humans. Their main nuisance is ripping into bins and spreading rubbish in gardens and streets. Of course, they can also be even more destructive if you house any outside livestock such as chickens. A simple solution is to use a fox repellent spray which simply deters foxes from entering your property. The spray acts as a territorial marking which they avoid but is essentially harmless to them.



It is rather unfair to call spiders pests, in fact they are very helpful to the environment, feeding on flies and mosquitos. However in a home they can cause a mess with webs, and even more of a problem when they build nests and multiply. Of course some people also see them as creepy and unwanted visitors in our homes! A spider repellent spray can be used around doors and window frames to deter spiders from entering your home. It’s harmless to the spider but disliked so they choose to creep elsewhere.



Moles can cause considerable damage to your garden by tunnelling through the soil, which can cause holes and instability, even causing damage to property foundations. It can also look unsightly on your lawn. There are a few options for getting rid of moles. A scissor trap is a traditional method, which has a trigger and spring mechanism. A claw mole trap has powerful jaws for an instant kill. A tunnel trap ensures you can catch the rap from either direction. All options are humane and reusable.


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