The majority of internal walls in modern homes today are plasterboard, or stud walls. The studs may be wooden or metal, and to hang anything off these walls you need specialist cavity fixings.

Gripit Fixings, from Dragon’s Den fame, are designed specifically for this purpose. They have a range of models, depicted by colour, that determine the weight load that you can hang on the fixing:


  • Green is the lightest, designed for up to 20kg, items such as clocks, pictures and light switches.
  • Yellow holds up to 71kg, such as blinds, AV equipment, or curtain rails
  • Red will hold shelves, speakers or shower units – anything up to 74kg
  • Brown holds up to 93kg. Items such as radiators are ideal for this version
  • Blue is the strongest, holding up to 113kg, such as boilers, kitchen cabinets and televisions


The beauty of the Gripit design is in its simplicity. First use a flat drill bit to drill a hole in the plasterboard, then using a hammer, tap the fixing gently into the hole. A screwdriver will then turn the cam and open up the wings behind the cavity, which provides a secure anchor and distributes weight effectively, giving it its super grip strength.

Many new DIY and construction tools and components come to market hailing that they’ve fixed a problem that none of us realised we had in the first place, and Gripit Fixings could well have been seen as just a fad item, but the reviews are seriously impressive, with many contractors switching to Gripit Fixings as their preferred method of cavity fixing. It also helps that the blue fixing (the one bearing the most risk) comes with a 25-year guarantee, offering peace of mind.

We are sold on the ingenuity of this product, and sell the yellow, red, brown and blue variations in our fixings range.