When the summer growing season ends and harvesting is nearly all done, it’s time to turn your attention to your greenhouse to prepare it for the winter. September is a great time to carry this maintenance out whilst the weather is still pleasant enough to work outside and you have time to fix any bigger problems you may find.

Pest Control

As greenhouses are outdoors they’re subject to a number of annoying pests. Not even mentioning slugs and snails, you could get flies and unwanted crawling insects, rodents, and even moles if your greenhouse has open slabs. Find the right pest control methods to suit you in our pest control range.


Take a look at each glass panel to see if there are any cracks, and if any are significant, you may need to replace these panels. If crop head bolts are rusted or lost, you can replace them easily. If any panels are looking wobbly, use greenhouse glazing clips to secure them into place.


Is water easily accessible in your greenhouse? Now’s a great time to review your watering methods. If you are using a hose, consider if a better spray gun head may help you water everything a lot quicker. If the tap or O-ring is faulty, perhaps it’s time to replace it, or if you need one installed a bit nearer the greenhouse then use a garden tap kit with all the fittings.


Cleaning the greenhouse is a laborious but satisfying task. Once you’ve removed everything, it’s time to get scrubbing. You’ll need to remove any algae, moss, and grime which if left to build up over time, will stop light coming in and may also harbour pests and diseases for your plants. In our housekeeping range we’ve got glass cleaner, brooms, chamois cloths, dustpan and brushes, squeegees, and we often have algae and moss cleaners too, so keep an eye on the range. If you have any wood panels in your greenhouse, we also have a wide range of woodcare treatments to suit various needs.


Greenhouses should actually be airtight, to keep the heat in during colder months. You should use the vents and windows to control the temperature or let in fresh air. Check the glass panes and if any have gaping holes or the sealant is coming away, re-seal using a frame sealant. Sealant is best applied using a caulking gun. For windows or doors you can use brush pile weatherstrips which you roll out and stick to the frames. It may even help keep out pesky slugs and snails!

Stock up

It is so satisfying when you have everything you need for a task, and all is in order. Take the time to look through all your bits and bobs that you’re accumulated over the year, clean up what can be salvaged and stock up on new supplies. We’ve got shrub and tree ties, cane accessories, rubble sacks, plant labels, vine eyes, twine and lots more.

Once you’ve sorted your greenhouse out you can sit back and rest and think about everything you want to plant next year. We’ve got a wide range of outdoor and gardening items too if you want to buy or replace new tools and equipment.