Rubber O-Rings, Assorted Metric Sizes (5 Pack - A)

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This set of nitrile rubber O-rings includes some of the most commonly used metric sizes. They offer excellent temperature resistance and chemical compatibility and can be used for a wide variety of applications including plumbing, heating, automotive, pneumatic and hydraulic. This set contains 1 each:

  • Outer dimension: 12.81mm, Inner Dimension: 9.25mm, Cross section: 1.78mm
  • Outer dimension: 19.16mm, Inner Dimension: 15.60mm, Cross section: 1.78mm
  • Outer dimension: 20.72mm, Inner Dimension: 17.16mm, Cross section: 1.78mm
  • Outer dimension: 19.19mm, Inner Dimension: 13.95mm, Cross section: 2.62mm
  • Outer dimension: 28.71mm, Inner Dimension: 23.47mm, Cross section: 2.62mm
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